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We carry an extensive selection of rental equipment to meet your short or longer term needs.  All equipment is cleaned and disinfected before use, for your safety.  Contact us today to reserve.

Ambulation Aids



Crutches N/A $20.00
Forearm Crutches N/A $30.00
Folding Walker w Wheels & Glides (ski not included - $15.95) N/A $24.00
Folding Walker N/A $20.00
Rollator Walker $20.00 $60.00
Knee Walker $25.00 $75.00
Bathroom Safety Equipment Weekly Monthly
Bath Seat Without Back N/A $20.00
Bath Seat With Back N/A $24.00
Commode Standard - Pail not included ($10) N/A $24.00
Tub Transfer Bench Economy N/A $36.00
Wheelchairs & Scooters Weekly Monthly
Manual Wheelchair - Swing Away Leg Rest $25.00 $75.00
Elevating Leg Rest N/A $10.00
Scooter (plus delivery ) $75.00 $200.00
Power Chair (plus delivery) $75.00 $200.00
Platform Lift (2 Month Min) plus install N/A $400.00
Stair lift (2 Month Min) plus install N/A $300.00
Modular Ramping Call for Quote
Portable Ramps (5-6 Ft) $25.00 $75.00

* All lifts and ramps need a quote for install.

 Home Health Products Weekly Monthly
Electric Hospital Bed - Plus delivery and setup N/A $175.00
Bed Safety Rail N/A $25.00
Low Air Loss Mattress N/A $175.00
Portable Overhead Track w/Lift - Plus sling purchase N/A $425.00
Lift Chair (2 Month Min) N/A $175.00
Rental Cooling Cuff Machine - Does not include cuff ($75) N/A $135.00

*All rental equipment have an additional sanitation charge. *Delivery charges may apply.