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Get one-button simplicity. Bruno's inside platform-style scooter powerchair lift, the Joey, offers unparalleled ease of use and safety. Drive your mobility device onto the platform, press a button and Bruno's Joey lifts your scooter or powerchair into your vehicle and gently tucks it into the cargo area.

350 Lb Lift Capacity | 3-Year Limited Warranty


Fully Powered

Hassle-free drive on/off the self-leveling platform. Press a button and the Joey quickly and quietly retracts.

Compact Design

Second-row seating often maintained.

Safety Barrier

Unique safety barrier prevents mobility device from entering passenger area during sudden stops. Manual back up for peace of mind.

Lighting Package

Backlit hand-held control and platform illumination makes night loading easy.

Versatile Design

Potential to reinstall on another applicable vehicle in the future.

Joey Scooter Lift | Options

Back-Off Device

Easily remove the back of a personal mobility device to fit in small vehicle openings.

Wheel Chock

Wheel chock kit required for FWD/RWD powerchair applications.

Belt Kit*

Two retractable securement straps (*required in some applications).

Joey Scooter Lift | FAQ

What Makes The Joey A Good Choice?

The Joey is the easiest of all lifts to transport a mobility device. Just drive your scooter or powerchair on the platform, press a button, and it retracts into the vehicle. It’s ideal if you want to travel with your mobility device inside the vehicle and out of the weather.

Which Vehicles Work With A Joey?

Many people install a Joey in their van or minivan, but it can also fit in select SUV’s and crossover vehicles. Contact Brandon Mobility to verify that a Joey will work with your combination of vehicle and mobility device.

How Safe Is The Joey?

An industry-exclusive “safety barrier” on the back of the Joey prevents your mobility device from dislodging into the passenger area – even during sudden stops. For extra peace of mind, consider optional retractable securement belts. The Joey also meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Will My Mobility Device Fit Inside My Vehicle?

Some Joey owners use Bruno’s optional “Back-Off” device which easily removes the back of a mobility device, so it more easily fits in smaller vehicle openings. Check with us to determine if your scooter or wheelchair is compatible with the Joey.

What Is The Price Of A Joey?

Call us to get a free quote on a Bruno Joey. Prices vary depending on options you may need or desire for your vehicle, mobility device or abilities. Our technicians are factory-trained to provide expert sales, installation and service.