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Use the wheelchair lift designed just for pickups. Connect the Out-Rider to your mobility device, and press the button to lift and rotate your wheelchair, scooter or powerchair into the truck bed.

Up to 350 Lb Lift Capacity | 3-Year Limited Warranty


Rugged Durability

Reliable performance even in harsh weather elements.

Fully Powered Operation

Press a button on the hand-held control and the Out-Rider quickly and efficiently raises, rotates and lowers the mobility device into the truck bed.

Secure Design

Once the mobility device touches down in the truck bed, it’s ready to travel. Meets or exceeds applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Versatile Applications

Easy to remove and reinstall on another applicable vehicle

Out-Rider Wheelchair Lift | Options

Driver Door Control

Operate the Out-Rider from the driver door panel with an optional door control.

Passenger Side Model

Provides easy access for passengers who use mobility devices.

Out-Rider Wheelchair Lift | FAQ

Why Do Truck Owners Like The Out-Rider?

Bruno’s Out-Rider is a hoist-style lift engineered specifically to pick up a mobility device, rotate it and gently set it into the bed of a truck. Its rugged design withstands the elements, and it’s easy to have reinstalled on a different pickup in the future. It comes to your door. Brings the chair to you.

What Mobility Devices Fit With A Bruno Out-Rider?

With standard- and heavy-duty lift capacity versions, there is an Out-Rider model that will accommodate most scooters and powerchairs weighing from 100 lbs, 200 lbs and 350 lbs.

Can An Out-Rider Be Installed On Any Pickup?

The Bruno Out-Rider can be installed on most pickups and there are versions that work with different size cabs and a variety of box (bed) sizes. Contact us to look at your specific pickup and mobility device to ensure that Out-Rider is a good fit.

How Does An Out-Rider Work?

Connect the Out-Rider to your wheelchair, scooter or powerchair and press the Out-Rider’s hand-held control to lift, rotate and stow your mobility device in the truck bed. An optional driver-side door control can also be added. Out-Riders are installed standard on the passenger side, but optional drive-side installations are also available.

What Is The Cost Of The Bruno Out-Rider?

The price of a Bruno Out-Rider varies depending on required or desired options and installation. Contact us for a free quote and expert installation.