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 Northstar with Access360 - Powered In-Floor Ramp

The Toyota Northstar with Access360 is a top-of-the-line wheelchair-accessible minivan. These conversion vans give clients greater access to life through more space, flexibility, and ease of use. Featuring a slide-out, in-floor ramp, users have less dirt and debris in the interior and optimal space to move around within the van. 

VMI Exclusive Features:

  • 12" longer floor provides more space to turn compared to competitors
  • 30" wide ramp allows allows easy-access for wider chairs
  • Maximum door height for tall users
  • Industry-leading head room with 14.9" dropped floor
  • Large ground-clearance to reduce scraping

Additional Features (Click to View):

Compatible with the following NEW Sienna models: 

Sienna LE, Sienna SE, Sienna XLE, Sienna Limited

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