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CITY 2 PLUS, The World's Only Full-Sized Power Chair With Removable Wheels, Reducing Its Weight To An Unparalleled 40 Lbs.

You've waited long enough. It is time to see your friends and family, explore new places, maybe even travel to far-off destinations, and it is all possible in the new CITY 2 PLUS. Travel Buggy has made the best selling CITY model even more convenient for you or your loved ones to fold, load, and go. How? It's easily broken it down into 3 easy to load pieces, all capable of fitting in the back of any vehicle. No need for special transport vehicles, vans, or expensive lifts.

It is time to get out there again. It is time to join the Travel Buggy family.

  • icon3-Piece Disassembly

    Heaviest Piece Weighs Only 40 lbs

  • iconWeight Capacity

    Reinforced Frame Holds 395 lbs

  • iconDriving Range

    Extra Long Driving Range up to 25 KM


The innovative QUICK-RELEASE WHEELS reduces total weight by 25 lbs instantly making it easy for you to load and unload in a snap. Now nearly anyone can load this newest model in just three simple steps.

Removing the rear wheels also significantly reduces the overall size of the CITY 2 PLUS making it possible to fit in the back of even the smallest vehicles.


MADE for ALL-DAY USE! The innovative design features a multi-position reclining back rest to relieve back pain & ensure comfortable all-day use.

BUT THERE'S MORE! Travel Buggy increased the backrest the height by 5" over the first CITY model. The higher backrest design drastically reduces neck and shoulder pain by allowing you to rest your head against its soft, contoured cushion.


The CITY model has been completely re-designed to offer increased comfort for all users. It not only carries up to 395 lbs but also boasts a 19.5" seating width that can be further expanded up to 23" for those that need a little more hip room. We also widened the armrests to better support your forearms.

With its wide seating area and armrests, this new heavy duty power chair is the most comfortable design ever.